Sunday 6 February 2011

Instant web hosting

The web offers a wonderful opportunity for everyone to create a simple instant web page for temporary needs. They are extremely convenient for posting some information which will expire or is intended for a small audience. There is no registration, no password, no login, just a blank page and a web address.

What you have to remember is save the address in your bookmarks or you will never be able to see it again (unless you have a brilliant visual memory).

One of the simplest tools is which at the moment of its opening has already created a new unique site. That's why I have not linked the address to the actual page because then you would be taken to MY page.

QuietWrite is described as a peaceful place to write. Just click and write.

Entri is useful for writing rough drafts of articles, jotting down ideas and sharing them with a specific group of people. Direct access to Twitter. No signup required.

Stashsite is advertised as a site for making a downloadable page for an e-book or presenting schoolwork to the teacher in a nice fashion.
Update: Stashsite is gone!

Jottit works in a similar way - you can write or post a text and edit it. The site also lets you format the page - you can change the background colour and fonts.

ShortText is an extremely simple tool, it lets you type or paste any text. There is also a possibility of adding a link to a video or an image. You can allow comments on the page.

DinkyPage looks a little more complicated but it serves the same purpose as the sites mentioned above. There are more formatting options than with other sites and you can get a fairly nice web page with images and links if you spend some time on it.

There are a lot more sites which offer online writing possibility but either they are more complicated or require sign up, that's why I have not mentioned them in this post.

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By Med Kharbach, PhD said...

I love your blog and i have really enjoyed your posts. I have picked up some web2.0 tools you have mentioned and i will be revising them in my blog with reference to your blog . thanks alot