Monday 25 April 2011

Two great websites about London and Britain

I have come across a couple of websites which in my opinion are very useful for getting fresh and plentiful information about the latest events in London and Britain.

One of the sites is Visit Britain Super Blog. Written by a large team of experienced and talented travel writers, journalists, photographers and life-long travellers, the blog shares rich information, reviews, suggestions and impressions.

The blog abounds in information about the culture and heritage of Britain, places where you can eat and drink, things that you can see and do and of course there is now a special section about the Royal Wedding.
I have enjoyed reading the blog and been extremely grateful to the authors for their numerous fascinating posts, among others Britain's beautiful bridges which I used with my students.

Another blog I have favourited is 3 Days in London which is a story of love for London written by an author who is not native to the city.

The blog gives answers to What/ Who/ Where is London, describes brief history of London, reviews attractions, architecture, landmarks of London, and of course there is a post about the Royal Wedding (looks like it is a must-post these days which no blogger can ignore).

Both blogs are of great help to the teachers who need resources for the lessons about Britain, its culture and modern life.

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Cindy said...

OMGosh!!! Baiba, thank you so much. I am thrilled you like my blog and very appreciative that you specifically mention it on your blog. wow :)
I do love London, it has certainly grown on me in the last 9.5 years and the fascinating with the layers of history continues to grow.
Thank you so much