Thursday 14 July 2011

Glogster takes the routine out of your lessons

Glogster is a multimedia tool which we all inevitably set about using - sooner or later. I did it later. I am glad Glogster came to my mind when I was trying to make up a CLIL lesson combining geography, history, music and English, namely Liverpool and the Beatles.

Glogster lets you put all the lesson components in one place - an interactive poster - which you display on the screen and show your students the lesson in a nutshell.

How to use this glog?
  • Take your time watching the video about Liverpool with your students.
  • Ask them to do the worksheet about the video, discuss their answers.
  • See the pictures of Liverpool and tell your students what YOU liked about the city when you visited it.
  • Read the piece of text about the Beatles craze and discuss it.
  • Watch the Beatles video.
  • Ask them what they know about the Beatles, give them some additional information. 
  • At the end, ask your students to give feedback about the lesson and evaluate the digital poster you made for them.
  • Ask for volunteers who could make a glog for the next topic.
VoilĂ !

Download the worksheet to use with the video about Liverpool.

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