Sunday 28 August 2011

A present for my new school year - Papershow

My school administration surprised me by giving me a present to be used in the classroom in the new school year. The present is a digital writing set consisting of a special interactive notebook and a Bluetooth digital pen - PAPERSHOW.
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Its version Papershow for Teachers developed for and by teachers can be viewed here

The idea of the tool is to enable the teacher write (anything) while walking around the classroom. The teacher's notes are displayed on the screen / whiteboard instantly. (You need a computer connected to a video projector, of course.)

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I have tried it and I like it for the simple reason that it is another way of making the lessons more interactive and technology-supported. The tool can definitely be used also by the students which will increase their interest and participation in the study process.
After I try the tool out in the classroom, I promise an update about how it works and what its benefits are.


Selga Goldmane said...

Sounds cool! Waiting to hear more about it :)

Baiba said...

Thanks Selga! I know it's only a toy but we'd use anything to engage students in studying, wouldn't we?

seburnt said...

Wow, I love the idea. Is it very heavy? I guess it can't be. I'm looking forward to trying it out if I find it here.

David said...

I like this idea a lot. When I teach in my Study Room I write notes on a piece of paper but like this idea, as students can receive feedback in a different way.

Do you know if there's a way to hand write notes and then email them directly to students?

Baiba said...

Hi David, I am sure you would like to use this gadget to take your notes, it is really easy and cool with Papershow. And yes, you can even email your notes or presentations but you need a special email application.

David said...

If I end co-operating with another company next year, this is something I think they'd be interested in. Hope not too expensive though..