Wednesday 26 October 2011

Blog challenge by @adaptivelearnin

First I saw Brad's post and then read Beth Crumpler's blog. A new challenge from my PLN!

What easily carries me away is an opportunity to use a simple web tool for playing with words creating something that has never existed, then eye the result.

The challenge was to use Tagxedo and make word clouds showing blog and Twitter vocabulary. Here is what I got.

My blog word cloud. No surprises. This is what I write about - English, students, classroom, teacher, school... Not exactly mind-boggling.

My Twitter cloud:

Revelation! I never knew my Scoopit links constituted the majority of my tweets! Obviously, Tagxedo used only my latest tweets (as Brad suggests) and if I had made a word cloud an hour later, it would have looked totally different.

Thanks, Beth and Brad! That was fun!


Beth said...

Thanks for taking up the challenge. It is fun and interesting to see some revelations on the word clouds. No worry for further analysis, the word cloud says a lot about us. Very cool! I love how we can learn a little more about each other in our PLN from this challenge. I thought it was a great challenge for getting to know each other a little more deeply and also is very quick to complete. Thanks for doing it and thanks for letting me know! Love the results! Cheers! Beth

Brad said...

Hey Baiba !

Merci 4 hopping onboard.

Tagxedo must check out mostly your most recent tweets as Halloweeen is pretty visible in there. In the same way, Scoopit might have been recent tweets.

Either way, fun to see it all fall into a nice little shape and be able to think twice about what it means. Didn't know about Tagxedo and I'm now a fan !

cheers, b