Tuesday 9 July 2013

Creating presentations on emaze

Recently I came into possession of a bunch of great pictures which were taken during my trip to Italy (arranged by my daughter who lives there), and I decided to kill two birds with one stone - share the images with you and try the emaze tool for making my presentation.

emaze is a great free online tool for creating presentations as well as digital stories. It lets you upload pictures, videos, add text and shapes to your canvas to get a nice linear slide presentation. It is best viewed on full screen which allows you to hide the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page and use the computer keys instead.

It took me a couple of days to complete my first emaze presentation, not because it was hard work but because I did a lot of other stuff in between.

emaze is easy to use, it does not have tons of complicated formatting tools to employ, but there are some really helpful features that make the creative process pleasant. While working on your slides, pay attention to the tiny pale markings on your canvas which indicate the borders of your presentation window. Also it is very helpful to preview your slides on the left-hand panel as you work on your presentation.
The author can also invite other people to collaborate on the presentation which is especially great for student projects.

Enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Here some interesting elements. Good article.
I also been using a web app called EWC Presenter; I love how they're combining the features of the application and incorporating UI into the functionality of the app. it's worth taking a closer look:

Baiba said...

Thanks for your comment Karen! EWC Presenter is great for sure, but it has one fault - it is a paid service, that is why for students it is not a very good option. Actually, I don't even dare to ask my students to pay for a digital tool, I can use only free tools with them.

Unknown said...

Hi Baiba
I noticed your comment about Presenter to karen. Actually EWC Presenter is 100% free; there are no costs and there are no subscriptions involved.

I think you may have confused this with Easy WebContent's other serivces like their Site Builder which is a paid service; but EWC Presenter is free and it's actually being used by number of schools all around the country as well as Europe and South America.

Think it's worth a closer look.

Baiba said...

Thanks for clarifying this point, Payman! I am glad EWC is free because it is a really amazing tool. To make amends for my mistake, I promise I'll mention your service in my next f2f technology course.

Cynthia Jones said...

Hi, Baiba! Thanks for featuring Emaze. What's the difference with Prezi? Which would you recommend more Emaze or Prezi?

Baiba said...

Hi Cynthia, If you haven't tried any of the tools, I'd say you should start with Emaze because it is much easier than Prezi. The end products of these tools are rather different, too. But you will know which one you like more only when you try them!