Saturday 23 October 2010

Quiz maker for online testing

Here is another great application Class Marker which lets you create quizzes online and use them with your students. It is free if you use the basic version.

You can create online tests with combined multiple choice, true false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank, punctuation and essay questions types.

It is possible to register your class or a group and invite the students to do the test online.

I have made a few sample tests and here you can have a look at one of them. (Don't take it seriously though.)


Crangle said...

I am using LMS export to Moodle, so I prefer QuizCreator. Cheers.

Baiba said...

Thanx for your comment! Could you specify which quiz creator you are using? The one in Moodle?

Free Online Quiz Maker said...

Great Post!