Saturday 6 November 2010

City Creator

City Creator is a cool application for building 3 versions of cities.

You can choose between a medieval city, a city in winter (great for Christmas) and a modern high-rise city.

The construction work is simple - you just drag and drop pieces from the palettes and arrange them on the field in the way you want. You can change the background until you get the one you like.

If you want to save your city, you need to register on the site.


How can you use it in the classroom?
1. Ask your students to build the city of their liking and describe it while showing the city on the screen.
2. Decide with your students on building the same version of a city, e.g. medieval, then ask them to describe it on paper. Give a copy of all descriptions to every student. Show each city on the screen and ask the students to guess which description fits.
3. Make a city yourself and ask the students to describe it on paper. Then choose the best description.
4. Teach vocabulary using the city image (directions, location, types of buildings etc).
5. Finally, it is great fun!


Elina said...

Sounds like fun, I might even try it for my own purposes. :))

EmilieP said...

This looks like a great alternative for a lot of things. If it has a Christmas theme you can use it to teach vocabulary. It also has the different kinds of buildings so that could be interesting to use for vocabulary. I think it could be a fun alternative for a map in the course book to teach giving directions. On the picture of the city you can say 'I need to get to the town hall, can you tell me how I should go?', like you can on a normal city map. I think this makes it more fun for the students.

Have you tried this in class yourself ?

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