Thursday 3 May 2012

How to make your work

I have been asked several times to share my experience about curating the content on the site.

I am pleased to see that my Digital Presentations in Education keeps gaining popularity, the number of visitors is growing daily and the magic score which measures the topic quality has reached 91 (out of 100).

I have been curating my topic for about 10 months and I have mulled over the principles that I stick to in curating my topic. They are simple and they are proven.

1. Pick a topic that is relatively narrow so that you can focus on one theme (instead of gathering a wide range of links and eventually going off on a tangent). This will attract the right audience who have true interest in your topic.

2. Pick a topic which you are familiar with and, better still, where you have some knowledge and experience because you will need to evaluate the resources you are going to scoop.

3. Be very picky! Don't scoop everything the sources offer, select only the most relevant articles or posts which will add new value to your collection.

4. Be consistent. Keep to the topic you have chosen, don't go astray when you see a new, fantastic tool or resource which is a gem but does not match your theme.

5. Scoop regularly. (Perhaps this is the hardest part.) New information gets stale in a day. Try to find all the new tools/ resources/ information/ reviews etc. pertaining to your topic that have been published on that day. It's no use scooping very old information except if it is extremely worthwhile and you wish to save it on your site.

6.  Check and double check how reliable and valid is the source you are going to link to your site. Verify the authenticity of the website. Out there I have seen so many fake websites which post stolen materials and disappear in a day or a week.

7. I have seen some curators write their own reviews of the tools or technologies they scoop but I have neither time nor skill to do it, and I believe the developers or professionals have said everything that has been worth saying on the webpage I am scooping.

My page is obviously useful not only to my visitors but also to myself. I return to it every time I need to prepare a new presentation or suggest a new tool to my students.

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