Monday 14 May 2012

Post on the web right away

One day you may experience a situation when you need to post something on the web fast (but not necessarily furious :)) and you don't want to use your blog for this purpose. What can you do? Use one of the numerous web services which promise to publish your article immediately.

I have already written about such sites before but it seems that they keep mushrooming in steady rows and we get new possibilities offered again and again. I have used some of them and there are moments when they are really convenient and helpful.

Now you can post a single picture on the web and get a unique URL to send it to whoever you want. Think of the possibilities it gives us - good and not so good...
Clipica just asks you to copy and paste (Ctrl + V) your picture and there you go, the link it ready.

Snaggy works in exactly the same way and you can also crop or annotate the image once it is uploaded - useful!

wePaste is an internet clipboard for your text. Give a name to your page, write the text and publish it. You can create a password for the page and set the date when the page will expire.

Qacker gives you a blank page which you can fill with your text or images and post on the web.

 Textsave is a blank space for writing your text and posting online. The tool is really basic but it can serve well if a student needs to send in an essay or write a draft for a project.

Loose Leaves - a place where to write and publish your thoughts. If you don't have your own blog, you can post your message and share it on Twitter or Facebook.  is a great way to publish your text or images without much trouble. It also has HTML editor and you can export your page to PDF.

Checkthis is a great instant webpage which lets you add your text, images, videos, links, polls and share it online. 

All the websites mentioned above don't require sign up and you can create your page anonymously. And, it goes without saying, they are all free.


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