Sunday, 1 March 2015

How to use TOZZL for flipped learning

Hello my readers,
It's already March, and my Christmas greeting has been looking at you for a bit too long, so it's time to write a fresh post to acknowledge my existence.

This time I am going to tell you about a new service that I came across accidentally, or possibly via some shared information, and it is called Tozzl.

Tozzl is a free web service that lets you create and share your digital pinboard. It requires no registration which makes it really easy to start your board. You can add videos, files, pictures, links to your board, write texts and also chat with visitors. The steps are very easy.

To be able to edit the board, you will be asked to provide an "edit" or "delete" password that will enable you to get access to the editing function. This might be the only difficult point in using the service because you will have to remember the password for future actions. However, there is a nice feature helping you to quickly access your pinboard - you need to save it in your Tozzl bookmarks and it will show up on the first page (My Bookmarks).

I see Tozzl used for flipped learning or simply for publishing additional tasks or materials for your students. All they will need is a web address of your pinboard.

Here you can see a sample board I created for my Grade 7 students. I've realised it is a perfect way to help those students who are sick at home or away for some other reason. I won't be able to put all my lessons on Tozzl but grammar topics are very suitable for learning independently.

I highly recommend trying Tozzl.