Tuesday 17 August 2010

Classroom timer

A really simple but useful tool - classroom timer - can be found here.
You will have to open it on the screen or whiteboard.

A fantastic tool if you want to limit the time for some lesson task, e.g. a short vocabulary check. Tell the students they have got 5 minutes, start the clock and leave it on the screen for the students to see it.

The best thing is you can make the timer count up or down depending on your needs.

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EmilieP said...

Hello Baiba,

As a teacher trainee I love tools like this to use when I do my internships! It would be a great tool to visualize to the students that you are giving them that amount of time and not more. Students have no idea of time, if your say they have 5 minutes it sometimes seems that they think they have half an hour. With this tool you can get them to work effectively from the start of the activity. Very useful tool!