Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How I use Linoit in class

I have tried using rather many websites which are created for posting sticky notes but recently I realised that my favourite site is Here are two examples how I used it with my students.

The ones who are a little more experienced digital users (14 years old) were asked to post their answers to a simple question about their future jobs. We had just finished studying the theme about jobs and they were ready to give their opinion about the topic. Check out their answers here. They have a class blog, so they did not experience any difficulties posting their replies.

The other students (aged 15) had never used interactive tools before, this was their first attempt of posting something online.
The task was elementary - they had to complete a grammar exercise in the classroom and (after showing it to me) immediately go to the media library one by one, enter the website (I had supplied the address) and post the exact time. I stayed in the classroom and watched them posting the stickies. When they returned to the classroom, we discussed the tool and its possible uses.
Needless to say, they were delighted with the activity, especially after they had attached the picture of the naughtiest boy in class. For beginners, their joy was natural, and I had reached my aim - to get them interested in using web tools for making learning more exciting.


Tyson Seburn said...

One of my favourite sites too though I haven't used in with my class as much as I'd like to. Have you see my post about Linoit? I can't remember.

Selga Goldmane said...

I think I will try doing this :) Maybe for Christmas greetings :)

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Baiba Svenca said...

Tools for english..., many thanks for the link to your site! The large number of different worksheet generators may delight a busy teacher :-)

Sharon said...

Activites like this are what's going to get students interested. Technology has become such a huge part of our lives (and this is both good and bad), but it's here to stay. If teachers want to get students motivated, they're going to have to jump on the bandwagon and use technology in class, even if they make mistakes and need students to help them.

Cynthia D. Fagan said...

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