Thursday 22 March 2012

Put your story on the cube

When I learned about CubeCreator from the readwritethink website, I thought it might easily be used with students to make the tedious learning process more attractive.

Students can make three types of pre-designed cubes and the fourth possibility is to make their own cube.

For their first cube my students had to use the BioCube template to create the biography of a famous athlete. As you can see, they produced great cubes and enjoyed themselves in the process.

The next cube they are going to create will be MysteryCube. As for the mysteries - it's up to my students.


Ms Giuliana said...

How interesting!

Ratna said...

Hi there,
This activity looks really really interesting. But, I'd like to know the whole lesson plan, how did you go about it and such..

Baiba said...

Hi Ratna, thanks for your interest!
The lesson plan is very simple. We studied the biography of a famous athlete in the classroom. Then I asked my students to find another sports person on the web and prepare a bio cube about him/her. They had to find all the info on the internet and put the most important facts on the cube.
If you go to the CubeCreator, you will see what exactly is required to make the cube.
On the next day they brought the cubes to the classroom and we compared what personalities they had chosen and what info they had found about them. My students really liked the activity because it was a new way to do homework.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a great resource I just sent it on to our ELL teacher here.