Saturday 13 October 2012

Thinglink and 15 crossword puzzle makers

Have you heard of Thinglink /
If not, you WILL now because I am going to tell you how easy and marvellous it is.

Thinglink is a tool that lets you put information inside your image. And it can be done effortlessly, contrary to what you may assume.

The procedure is simple. You upload, import or drag-and-drop a picture to your Thinglink page (yes, you will have to create an account) and start filling it with information. How? Click on the image to insert an active tag and write the intended information. You may also add a link to another webpage. Then save and use the interactive image wherever you want.

This is an interactive image I created by putting links to crossword making generators.
I may have put all the links in a list and it may have spared you the time of clicking the tags, one by one. But then it would have been so boring. Think about using it with your students - can you see why they might love the tool?
Some of the crossword creators have taken the test of time and proven useful, whereas a couple of other services are quite new and promising.

If you experience some problems viewing the active tags on this image, go to my Thinglink page.


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