Saturday 24 November 2012 for creating Prezi-like presentations is an amazing tool which lets you create interactive visual presentations in Prezi style but without the hyper zoom-ins and zoom-outs. Though it may not be as sophisticated as Prezi, it is definitely more user-friendly for students.

Once you get the knack of inserting (done by the drag-and-drop method) and formatting your images, text boxes and sticky notes on the canvas, the rest is just smartening up your presentation by adding decorations and frames that will turn your canvas into an interactive show. This took me the longest because the frames had to be adjusted to bring out the best of each element.
The sources of content are various, including Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Dropbox and more. Start from the left side menu, the building of your canvas is almost intuitive. is great for student collaborative projects as it allows many users work on one canvas, even in real time. can be used for brainstorming ideas, collecting materials or creating group presentations.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to assemble your online mural.

This is what you see on your canvas while you are working on it.

Below is the final product after you have applied the show frames.
I am by no means an adept user of, nevertheless I was glad I succeeded in creating my first digital mural.
Recently there have been problems with embedding the show, so I am just giving you the link to my mural.  Enjoy!

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