Monday 11 November 2013

Flipgrid as a student involvement tool

Flipgrid is a relatively new tool which has been created for educational purposes and its essence can be described in one sentence - the teacher asks a question and students post their video/audio answers online.

The idea of the tool is very simple, however, it represents a great up-to-date method of student involvement. Not only does it require the students to use technologies (webcam, microphone) for posting their responses but also it eliminates the need for paper worksheets and classroom time.

Setting up the site for the students is very easy. The teacher creates an account and makes the first room (grid) for posting the questions.

After the grid has been created, the teacher writes a question for the students to answer. In the example, I have written 3 questions for my students.

What the students see when they go to the link provided by the teacher looks like this.

Now the students have to click on the question and record their answer. A cool thing about the tool is that the camera takes a snapshot of the student's face and it appears next to the student's answer.

My students do not know yet what has been prepared for them. Tomorrow I am going to invite them to record and post their answers. If you are interested, I can write a follow-up to this post. Mention it in the comments below.


Gaik Bee said...

Hi, how did your session go? How did the students find it? What age are your students? I am interested in finding out how it can be used in the classroom.

Baiba said...

Hi Gaik, thanks for coming here!
My students who are 16-17 have just started recording their first answers, so not much feedback yet, I'll write more when I hear from them.