Friday, 14 February 2014

Till we meet again

Image by jarmoluk

Dear reader,

You may have noticed that my previous post was written last year in December and you may be wondering when I am going to post something new. Well, not very soon, as I have realized that my willingness to share with you what I do and what I think has diminished with time and there are many reasons for that which I am not going to discuss here.
Suffice it to say that my blog will be dormant from now on and I am not sure when it may come to life again. I will not close it as I use it myself to remember useful things and tools I have mentioned here.
My apologies to all my subscribers!

The image above accurately describes me at my present disposition  - I read and eat apples, interchangeably.


David said...

I can relate, Baiba.

Things can change. People forget we grow and that we have needs too, and sometimes that means a break or a new step.

Please let us know when you'll be back.

Good luck and best wishes :)


Baiba said...

Thanks David. I appreciate your understanding. So far I have always perceived writing my blog as my duty but when you think deeper, it's big nonsense! Either you write for your own pleasure or don't write at all!

Ana Cristina Pratas said...

Hi Baiba,

Can't help smiling - and understanding :-)

I haven't completely stopped blogging but have definitely blogged a lot less; the usual "suspects" - lack of time and being busy with other projects. It happens. As David says, sometimes taking a break helps when moving into new directions.

Best wishes as always!

Baiba said...

Thanks, Ana! I think you still publish great posts, even if not as often as before.
Time is such a limited quantum! What we have been given is never enough for everything we want to manage, so inevitably we have to choose...

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