Monday, 11 January 2016

This blog is no longer updated.


GetIntoEnglish said...

Hi Baiba!

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers have closed down..As a medium they say it's glory years are in the past, but I think if we adapt it can still be very successful.

Don't you have another site..?

Happy New Year!


Baiba said...

Dear David, thank you so much for coming here! You have been one of the most loyal visitors of my blog.
I agree that blogging has kind of grown into something rather old-fashioned because it takes time, it makes you think about spelling and language in general, it makes you plan and organize your thoughts, and who has time nowadays for such trivial things? :)
I have not started any other website because I have gradually become rather taciturn. I get my daily dose of virtual dope via social sites and by using web tools for/at school. That's enough for me.

See you online!

Anonymous said...
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