Wednesday 30 June 2010

10 things I am going to do this summer

It is fashionable now to make lists on different topics, for example, 10 things you should know about..., 5 books you can't miss..., 7 new tools a teacher can't do without..., 9 best tips on... etc.

I have fallen for this strategy too, and out of idleness I have decided to create my own list. What could it be? Probably something I can realize during the summer. (A list can be manageable only if you have free time to do it, right? No use writing a list knowing that you will be occupied with other "more serious" things.)

Writing a list also somehow makes you stick to it, at least that is true for me.
I confess, I have been influenced by Mike Gayle's The To-Do-List which I read recently. I could never ever do as many as 1277 things he had written on his to-do list but then he had given himself a whole year to complete the task.

So, here I am writing the 10 things I am going to do this summer which otherwise might have not been done (I allow myself to extend the list if need be):
  1. Read at least 4 new and valuable books (Cheating  because I was going to read them anyway!)
  2. Sort out the wardrobe!!!
  3. Wash the windows!!!
  4. Go to the Forum Cinemas and watch at least one new film (have to decide which one).
  5. Call on an old friend (or two depending on their availability) in another town.
  6. Prepare a workshop I am going to deliver at the teachers conference (I was going to do it anyway, so it's cheating again).
  7. Set up a new social site for my next year students and think out how to use it :))
  8. Make a few jars of jam e.g. strawberry, blackberry, cloudberry, orange etc. (I have already made rhubarb-banana jam which is good!)
  9. Take a picture of myself so that I have one ready to publish where necessary.
  10. Go for a boat ride with my family in the Daugava. (Have done it before, and loved it!)
I'd write as item no.11 - learn the names of proper coffees but I guess that's not serious. My Italians confirmed the names except they did not know about Cafe Breve.

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Inetas Blogs said...

Nice! I like making such to-do lists too, but for shorter period of time - for week or one day and it seems to make people more concentrate about the things or tasks to do.

Elina said...

It's a pity you don't have any trip to some fascinating country planned this summer.... oh, right, that will have to wait till autumn when you will refresh your to-do-list :))