Thursday 5 July 2012

A teacher in the summer

I am not a teacher in the summer.

I am a person who does not know anything about teaching, who does not stay up late at night grading essays or preparing for the next day's lessons, who does not worry about students skipping lessons or not doing homework, who does not call parents for consulting about their offsprings' school work, who does not attend staff meetings, who does not look for texts and exercises for tests, who does not labour creating a fresh task for an interactive whiteboard...

I am a person who sleeps in and enjoys her morning coffee leisurely, who does not put on makeup in the morning and does not style her hair every day, who does not wear smart clothes daily, who has thrown away her timetable and put textbooks in the darkest drawer...

I am a person who has recently discovered the joy of having a garden with green grass and multicolour flowerbeds, who has learned to listen to the silence and hear the bugs rustle grape leaves, who steps into the rain barefoot and lets herself be soaked in warm ozoned rainwater...

Teachers unanimously savour the summer break. Look at these tweets. The first tweeter is a headmaster :)


During my marvellous summer months I truly bask in the possibility to read read read... There are so many books and so little time for all of them. How to read the right book and not miss the ones that may be written just for you? I have found a lot of lists advising which books to read in the summer of 2012. Have a look at some of them.

11 Best Summer Books Of 2012
on Huffington Post 

Summer Reading 2012: 10 New Must-Read Books - new books with detailed annotations

Books to read this summer 2012 on MSN + annotations and reviews 

Richard and Judy Summer Book Club - new titles for the summer months

In addition to abundant suggestions which will help me now to choose my next book, I have happily discovered an online bookstore The Book Depository where you can get books at a good price and have them delivered to you free of charge, at least to Latvia.

Have a carefree summer!

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Anonymous said...


Areti said...

Enjoy your summer holiday, dear Baiba, in all the little simple ways you have described in your beautiful poetic text!
And thanks a lot for the book lists!
Areti (serene)

Baiba said...

Dear Areti, I am glad you stopped by, and thanks for the comment.
I guess my summer mood is reflected in the way I write, what with all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and lush nature around. I am keeping formal style for school time :)

Eva Buyuksimkesyan said...

Enjoy your summer break Baiba. Today I also stole a magnificent day from July. Pure bliss :)


Baiba said...

Thanks, Eva! I love the way we teachers enjoy the summer like no one else, as if it would never happen again :)